Reviews About Different Food Outlets

Reviews of Food Outlets

Food is our basic necessity of life, we cannot live without food and if you are a food lover your life blooms like a star that sparkles its lights among all. Since I am a food lover I keep on trying different food points since my favorite food is Chinese so I try different Chinese ventures. And among all, I would admire Bam Bou from the serving size to quantity everything is far beyond your expectations, It has a wide range of menu among all and I love their Fried Rice, Chowmein, and their Manchurian is the best among all. The lemonades and the drinks they offer are great as well.

Ginsoy is my next option as their serving size not as much good as Bam Bou, plus their prices are a bit high than Bam Bou. Dragon chicken is among all of the best dishes and King Pao Chicken as well, I don’t know what they add in their fried rice as the aroma is simply the best among all other food joints, American Chop Suey hits the market with its crispy noodles and their flavored chicken with a tempting soup which nourishes your cravings and enhances your food buds more.

The third one is a small home-based kitchen as they are offering a vast menu with frozen, Pakistani, and Chinese dishes as well. Their quantity size is the best among all, the prices are a bit less than the market and you can easily customize the menu as per your choice. The lady runs the kitchen with the name of Munching Buddies she delivers food to your area and in her menu, she has small sugary biscuits as well known as meethi tikkiya, the food items are great and yummy. Since I am a regular user of them so I will highly recommend their menu that you all should order from them.

I am a very foodie kind of person and I keep on trying different ventures plus I make food as well will be uploading recipes as well, stay tuned for more blogs and more topics.

By Sabahat Mohsin 

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