Some useful tips to mend a broken heart

Some useful tips to mend a broken heart

Mending a broken heart is not easy. Heartbreak is a universal experience with emotional anguish and distress. There is no quick way to stop being hurt so much. Changing careers, job loss, death of a loved one, losing close friends are some examples that can leave us brokenhearted. Healing a broken heart takes time, especially, when you are the one who wanted the relationship or goal to the last. It takes a couple of minutes to get heartbroken but it takes a couple of months to get out of it. Considering this, here we have compiled some useful tips to mend a broken heart.

Some useful tips to mend a broken heart

There are some useful tips that can support the process of healing and protect your emotional wellbeing.

1-Take care of Yourself

It is easy and common to take care of your personal needs and emotions when you are in the middle of heartbreak. It is not just an emotional experience, but it impoverishes you physically too. Simply try to eat and stay hydrated. Exercise, yoga, meditation can be great ways to divert the mind to positivity.

2- Go Outdoors

Research has found that spending just 2 hours a week outdoors can boost your medical and physical health. Give time to yourself and go outside. Trying to get out to some beautiful places, knowing the beauty of nature, etc. Nature simply makes us happy. Take a start with a regular walk. Spending time walking among or simply looking at trees reduces stress and improves mood.

3- Reading & Listening

Reading can also help you to heal your broken heart. It gives strength to the mind and reduces stress. Books are a real treasure. It prepares you for a good night’s rest and helps alleviate depression symptoms. The best book for reading and listening is the Holy Quran. It brings you closer to Allah. For each letter recitation, you get 10 rewards and I bet you will be extremely relaxed. Besides, you can read or listen to books, quotes, poems according to your interest.

4- Pursue Professional Help

It is very important to talk about your feelings and grief with others. A professional can help you to get out of the painful emotions you are going through. When we talk about our problems and grief to others it can give peace to our mind and we can get so many tips to heal our broken hearts.

5- Social Work

When you feel heartbreaking, start social work. The life of a social worker is all about taking care of others and assuring them of comfort. To serve mankind is peace itself, when you get involved in this good work you will feel your mind and soul in peace. Give a little time as a social worker and feel the magic.

6-Make Space In Your Schedule

Trying to reschedule your timetable. Make a list of your strengths and give challenges to yourself. It could be anything, any activity according to your area of interest. Give time to your friends and family in your schedule. Make plans, talk to them about your sadness or grief, and try to get involved in different activities that include painting, reading, writing, gardening, etc., and try to be a productive individual.

7- Eliminate Unhealthy Behaviors

Try to come out of the old memories. If you are thinking the things, the words, the incident you have gone through repeatedly it never helps to heal your wounds or grief. Try to kick out those memories from your life. It is true that some incidents are never forgotten but tries to reduce them so that your broken heartbeat sounds good again.

8- Do Forgive

It is important to understand that forgiving someone does not mean that you deliberately ignore their hurtful behavior and actions, but this is for yourself. Sometimes, the act of forgiveness means to stop investing time and energy into a person that is no longer healthy for you. It is easier to forgive when you remember that the longest-running and the most powerful relationship you have is with yourself. You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it.

These are some useful tips to mend a broken heart. Remember that everyone has had their heart broken at once in their life in any aspect.  Sometimes the pain is so great and the path to mending it seems so daunting, people avoid healing their broken hearts. This avoidance can lead to many unwanted side effects. But you must allow yourself to grow and shift your paradigm to prevent repeating mistakes. I hope the above tips should help you mend your broken heart.

By Yumna Ahmed 

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