Sumaiyah Ali says’The Middle Name Of Life Is Patience’

Sumaiyah Ali says,'The Middle Name Of Life Is Patience'
Sumaiyah Ali says ‘The Middle Name Of Life Is Patience’

Sumaiyah Ali says ‘The Middle Name Of Life Is Patience’—- I realize now that the middle name of life is patience. It taught me how to pick roses when thorns pricked someone. I have learned to take no difficulty to heart. I am a nerd, a geek, and a book worm. Books have always been my best friends.

I was preparing for my final exams when a proposal came my way. It came out of the blue. I feared that the relationship might not go anywhere. However, that man seemed to be a nice guy. So, I decided to give that marriage a chance. I had no idea at that time that I would regret the decision someday. I believed in a happy ever after and fairy-tales.

However, after one and a half months of marriage only he sent me home. He promised me that after a month he would take me back. I continued to wait for his calls or his arrival a whole month. However, all in vain. Instead of showing up himself he broke all his relationships with me.

For that breakup, I have blamed myself for a year. One day a friend called me. She asked, ‘Do you write?’ I replied, ‘Yes, Of Couse I can. I write a diary”. “Let the world know. Start blogging”, my friend replied.

She has gone nuts that is what I thought at first. I thought that if I blog, then no one is going to read me. However, I knew that I am hardworking, consistent, and knowledgeable. So, I decided that I would start blogging. I had made up my mind to listen to my friend.

At times, Allah shows us the right paths by disguising as an angel. That time my friend tried to pull me out of gloomy dungeons of melancholy. Miseries blinded and consumed me into utter sullenness and oblivion, though. Hence, I could not grab her hand and come out. However, finally, I did. I shattered the shackles of my grief successfully.

Within a month, blogging healed all my bleeding wounds of separation. I realized that it was my passion too. I started to write as an online web content writer apart from blogging as well. I began to write a few poems too. I have penned down a couple of stories as well. I hope to publish a book someday.

I still have the world to conquer, milestones to achieve, and many battles to win. I have desires to fulfill and voyages to travel. Allah fulfills the desires of those who have the power to keep dreaming despite countless storms in life. Allah has blessed me with that blazing fire. I will make sure to never let this fire die come what may.

Writing is a powerful tool. It heals scars. Therefore, when someone asks me how to let go of their miseries I always ask them to put their thoughts on paper. It is catharsis. When someone unleashes his inner turmoil on a piece of paper he feels better.

Writing made me realize that the middle name of life is patience. Life is a test. To pass this exam, people need to tolerate a lot of things. When I was going through a tough time everyone always advised me to let it go. They said that individuals must endure what is in their destiny. I do not intend to disagree with anyone’s believes, but I do not think that it is easy.

So, I was not patient enough to withstand the difficulties that life threw my way back then. However, I am now. Life tested me to make me stronger. It taught me the art of tolerance in its way.

My healed heart told me that no one deserves me if he cannot see my qualities. Things are not meant to be at times. If someone is not mine, then I do not regret losing him. At least not anymore. Time is the biggest healer.

Someone cannot be a good writer if he has never experienced the bitter-sweet taste of pain and failure. It dawned on me that marriages are tests for individuals by Allah. Some people are more special to him than others. So, he sees how much they can take, or he measures their strength and resilience.

The Almighty made a temporary person enter my life because he wanted to make me realize things. He wanted me to know that nothing is forever even marriages. I cannot make anyone stay by my side. Therefore, if someone wants to go, then I should let them go. Forced relationships suffocate everyone.

The separation was a blessing for me even if it was painful initially. Allah wanted to protect me from the worst. Things and situations do not always work out the way someone wants them to even if they give their 100% to them.

A few years ago, I wished that I knew about destiny’s plans beforehand. So, I could try harder to save that bond from crumbling. However, later I realized that I cannot know the future. After all, deceits are always sudden and out of the blue. I have learned to be at peace with circumstances.

That incident taught me that life is temporary, not permanent. So, one should value oneself and one’s life. I have learned to treasure blessings and count them before the Almighty takes them away. I have started not to focus on negatives but on life’s positives and my achievements.

I learned that losses teach positivity and optimism. So, they are gains in real, not losses. I have come to know that to err is human and they can make mistakes. People choose to leave and they might never return. So, I should expect perfection from Allah alone.

Allah runs everything. Hence, the opinions of others seldom matter. They have seized to hold importance for me. In other words, individuals who are important for me support me in all my struggles. However, if someone chooses not to, then she never meant to stay in my life.

Someone once told me that I should learn to prioritize myself. I follow that advice now because this is my life and I have the power to live it the way I want. I take my decisions independently now and this freedom to live by my choices keeps me sorted, happy, and peaceful. I am still learning to become more patient because the middle name of life is patience.

Achievements In The Field Of Writing

In the end, Sumaiyah Ali realized that the middle name of life is Patience and all she learned during a hard time of her life. Sumaiyah Ali also learned how to self-prioritize herself and take decisions independently in life.

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

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  1. May you get more milestones, keep encouraging and motivating us all. You have learned the art of patience, and writing is the best channel for healing and painting one’s puzzles and pieces.
    Stay blessed ❤️

  2. Beautifully penned down Ma sha Allah. Loved reading how positivity helped you get over the most upsetting thing in life and how writing helped you in healing. This piece of writing gives so much hope and motivation to the broken souls. Keep writing and keep inspiring. May Allah always keep you blessed! Aameen.

  3. I am in kind of tears after reading this. It is really brave of you to share your story. Life is really a test and more power to you amd your pen.

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