Surviving College In which You Don’t Fit In

Surviving College In which You Don't Fit In

Surviving college in which you don’t fit in is not given as much consideration as it should. From trying to please everyone and not acknowledging your existence to feeling all drained out in the end. Feeling like a dark cloud of loneliness has taken over you. You lost yourself in the constant process of trying to please everyone. You become uncertain and clueless. You don’t know what you want anymore. And the feeling of being rejected sucks out every bit of energy from inside your body. It leaves you to feel like no ATP production or other body cycles are working. People and especially the teachers should be a little bit more considerate about it. It destroys the mental health of the student and they feel like an outcast. I myself am a victim of this but as they say, every problem comes with a solution. In this blog, we will talk about certain things that helped me to overcome this feeling.

Stop Running After People

Surviving college isn’t as simple and easy as most people assume. But first and the most important thing is to stop running after people who hardly even notice your existence. Stop being a people’s pleasure because in this way everyone will start to take you for granted and you will end up feeling even more empty and outcast. Right people will come to you at right time. Focus on your goals and lend a helping hand to others. Set your boundaries and most importantly give importance to yourself instead of giving it to those who don’t even acknowledge your existence. Because the thing that my college life has taught me so far is that, if you won’t respect yourself no one else is going to give you respect as well. I am not asking you to become selfish but to put yourself first and not to run after people who don’t seem to give a freaking damn about you and your existence.

Doing things in Your Way

During my first proof (year) I was a complete lost soul. I didn’t know how to do certain things and being a medical student was quite hard for me. I didn’t know how to study and I have no idea about the helping books. I started to do whatever my class fellows were doing at that time. And I end up being a complete loser. Because let’s face the facts here, everyone’s way of doing things is different. I want to quote the lyrics of the song which goes as “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up”. Maybe some things that don’t work out for others prove to be the best for you. Just have a firm belief in yourself and your ways.

Find out the ways and things that work best for you. Explore yourself by trying different ways and find out which method turns out to be best for you. Remember, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing because in this way you will end up feeling like a loser. Don’t overburden yourself by competing and comparing yourself with others. Instead of taking a big step why don’t try to go step by step? Do one thing at a time but put your blood sweat and tears in it. And see yourself rising above the storm.

There are a lot of others ways of surviving college like, connecting with your class fellows. By joining different societies and keeping yourself busy with it.

Let’s conclude this with the quote that beginnings are always the hardest. But don’t let it make you a loser. Let it break you, mold you and reform you in the best possible version of you.

By Rameen Asif 

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