The Book I Loved The Most- ‘You Can Win’

The Book I Loved The Most- 'You Can Win'

The Book I loved the most is ‘You Can Win’. This book is written by Shiv Khera  an Indian author and a motivational speaker.”Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.” This quote has made me motivated to read about this book.

It is a step-by-step tool for top achievers. The author tells us to empower ourselves and grow exponentially. Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures. It means winning the war, not every battle.

Building a positive attitude, when the attitude is right we realize that we are all walking on acres of diamonds. The same opportunity never knocks twice. The next one may be better or worse.

A recipe for success is like baking a cake. Unless you have just the right recipe, it is not going to work. The author tells us to play and win not to lose and always think of the long term. Give more than we get.

-Winners Leave a Legacy 

Great people leave something behind. Winners recognize that no one can make it alone, whatever the profession it may be.

Learning is like eating food. It is not how much we eat, how much we digest that counts. Knowledge is potential power and wisdom is real power.

Self-esteem is the way we feel about ourselves..we have to stay away from negative people and one must always learn from past mistakes.

-Winning Versus Winners

Winning is an event. Being a winner is a spirit. Success without fulfillment is meaningless unless there is a sense of meaning and purpose.

To win we need preparation. Preparation leads to coincidence which means tolerating failure but never accepting it as a lack of knowledge, or courage.

You can win is such a motivational book that recommends everyone to read it at least once as it teaches us how to win our self-esteem and build confidence.

By Afreen Sultana

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