The Miserable Pain Of Unattained Love

The Miserable Pain Of Unattained Love

Two soul mates experienced a tale of miserable pain of unattained love. Ali encountered Amina at college. It was love at first sight. When he beheld her he felt like his world stopped momentarily. He could not sleep at night. That angel’s face revolved in front of his eyes. Desiring friendship with her, he approached her.

At the start, Amina perceived Ali’s behavior odd and refused his friendship immediately. However, she believed him a decent guy. Therefore, they became friends. For the next two years, they went everywhere together. They achieved everything together. Both were head over heels for each other.

One day, Ali proposed Amina. Amina cherished him too. In fact, she could not imagine her life without him. She doted on him to the moon and back. However, her parents desired her to go abroad. Amina had to go to London the next day.

Ali was profoundly dejected. He did not desire her to go. However, his love was not greedy. He did not allow his emotions to hinder her in the path to a more promising future. Ali did not halt her. He said:

‘For me, your success matters a lot Amu! Never overlook me, though. That day, I have to live without you. I do not know what I would do.’

Amina: “Who said that I would forget you? You have to bear me for the rest of our lives. I am never allowing you to go. My studies will complete in three years. Next, I will come back to you. We can get wed after three years too.’

Ali worked tirelessly for the following whole year. He either went to his office or talked to Amina through Skype. His world revolved around her. He was delighted in his blissful universe too. After a few days, Sameer visited Ali. Sameer was Ali’s childhood friend. He remained a struggling actor and was pursuing opportunities to fulfill his dream.

That guy witnessed Ali talking to Amina one evening. He did not flee that chance to tease his friend.

When Ali came to know that Sameer wanted to act, he provided him Amina’s father’s number. Mr. Khan knew a producer. Sameer went to Mr. Khan’s house.  He told him that he was Amina’s friend. Mr. Khan inquired him how he recognized his daughter. He said that he recognized her because of Ali.

That name infuriated Mr. Khan.

He said, “Ali assassinated my daughter! How dare he summoned his friend to me for favors?”

Therefore, the guards lead Sameer to the door. In fact, they hurled him out. That shocked Sameer to his core. He thought that Ali loved that girl more than himself. In fact, she remained the center of his universe. Then how could he assassinate her? He was unaware of the miserable pain of unattained love.

Sameer examined Amina’s profile on Facebook. He discovered that someone uploaded new pictures of her daily. He inquired about her friends from her university too. He contacted them. All her friends said that those circumstances astonished them too.

Her friends found it extremely strange that none of them had encountered that girl for a year. In fact, they did not indeed talk to her once during that time. However, someone uploads recent pictures of her on her profile. He performs that on a regular basis too. That mystery had surrendered them equally confused. They were utterly naive. Therefore, all of them had decided to block her profile eventually.

At that time, Sameer went to Ali’s house where he was staying. He saw something bewildering there. He saw that Ali was talking to someone again. However, someone had cut his landline. That was something that he did not note before.

Sameer was recognizing his friend’s behavior more alarming with every fleeting second. His worry for Ali kept growing beyond limits too. He inquired him to whom was he talking to later that day. Ali informed him that Amina had called him.

Sameer decided to consult a psychiatrist for Ali. He booked a specialist and discussed the entire situation with him. That psychiatrist decided not to disclose his profession in front of Ali. Sameer introduced him to Ali as a struggling actor. That doctor informed him that he was Sameer’s friend.

When Sameer contacted that psychiatrist again. He said,

‘When Ali was escorting Amina to the airport, they suffered a terrible accident. Woefully, Amina lost the battle of life. However, Ali went laid in a hospital unconsciously for a few months. When he woke up, he was incapable to accept that reality. Today he talks to himself but thinks that he is talking to Amina. He uploads her pictures on Facebook too. That is what the miserable pain of unattained love turned him into.’ remarked that doctor sadly.

    By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

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  1. Such a heart and soul wreching story! How beautifully characterized, and how awesomely written it’s!

    Loved it ti the core♥️

  2. Beautifully written….
    bind the readers till the end…..
    loved the way of briefing the meaning of unattained love…..
    best of luck Summaya….

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