The Spell-bounding But Unstoppable Power of Courage Was Contagious

The Spell-bounding but Unstoppable Power of Courage was Contagious
The Spell-bounding but Unstoppable Power of Courage was Contagious

For the first few months of marriage, Daud was good to Amber. She was happy, expecting; everything was perfect. However, discovering his affair, she screamed, slammed doors, and yelled. Amber couldn’t believe he would cheat on her. Daud walked out didn’t return for a week, nor answered her calls. His silence frustrated Amber. However, she wasn’t aware that the spell-bounding but unstoppable power of courage was contagious.

Amber let Daud’s emotional abuse go when he returned. She tolerated his cruelties. Amber was scared to talk about him cheating her. Daud was still disloyal in marriage but didn’t bring it up. Months later, Daud grabbed Amber’s throat. He said that she was crazy and pushed him towards cheating. He pushed her into the wall. In Daud’s absence, Amber felt unwanted, helpless, powerless, and weak.

Unaware that the spell-bounding but unstoppable power of courage was contagious, Amber couldn’t confront him. Daud became angrier after they had their first child. He didn’t like her keeping the house untidy, or placing dinners late on tables. Amber wanted to check her son 1 night.

Daud: ‘Get back into bed.’

Amber: ‘I should check Ali.’

He screamed: ‘Get back now!’

Grabbing Amber’s hair, Daud threw her back. He punched her face when she tried to escape. Amber heard Ali’s cries feeling immense pain helplessly. After 5 years of abuse, Amber felt trapped. She couldn’t survive with a kid alone.

Daud spanked Ali hard 1 day. He cried painfully but couldn’t sit properly. Amber couldn’t tolerate Daud abusing Ali. She left searching for safer places. Daud looked for Amber initially but gave up eventually. Amber believed no one deserves a fearful unhappy life. New lives made her realize that the spell-bounding but unstoppable power of courage was contagious.

By Sumaiyah Ali

40 Replies to “The Spell-bounding But Unstoppable Power of Courage Was Contagious”

  1. Great as always. There are hundreds of Ambers living out there. May all sisters n daughters get courage and contentment ameen

    1. Annum Shabbir thank you for Commenting. Yes there are many Ambers in the world. It is relatable. Happens to a lot of people. However, they don’t have the courage. Women might not be strong themselves. They have to be strong for their kids, though. So, courage comes from a mother’s love for their kids.
      And I wish that every victim of abuse has that courage too. So, Sum Ameen!

    1. Murtaza I am glad you could relate to it somewhat. Thank you for your support. That’s the purpose of this story that we need to face issues with a head held high. It could happen to men too. Though, sadly it happens to women mostly.

  2. it’s a depiction of what reality is…. Not specifically in our society it’s going on everywhere in the world..but we always put it under the carpet… It’s good you wrote on this cruel face of society…
    The story line captivated completely…keep it up

  3. Great story. Related to the thousands of women out there. Who are still tolerating such violence. Women should be strong enough to fight specially for their self respect. Make a quick decision and move on

    1. Faiza! Yes I agree with you.
      They have to stand up for their self respect and move on. However, courage is a must for that. May Allah give them the courage. Thank you for your appreciation.

  4. Beautifully penned down as usual Ma sha Allah. Bitter painful reality expressed so beautifully. The end gives hope to hopeless. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you so much for your support. Glad you liked it. I am specially happy that you liked the title. The purpose was to make people think about emotional and physical abuse. Everyone should have courage.

      1. Sadia Baloch thanks for Commenting. Yes when faced with bitter realities. We have to stay hopeful. That’s the only way to keep going when the times are tough. Glad you noticed.

  5. The best of you are those who are best to their women(Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W.W).
    A very intese and a hard touching story. Having beard,muscles and moustaches can never make you strong and man.

    1. Thank you for commenting Abdul Moiz Rana. The hadees that you have quoted is so true. However, people forget to implement religion in lives. Thank you for your appreciation. Yes that’s true having a mostache doesn’t make you stronger. However, this chauvenistic society puts men on higher thrones. And we have to put up a fight against patriarchy.

    1. Kainat Aqeel it is hard to read I agree. It is such a bitter reality. That happens to a lot of people specially women. Honestly, it was difficult for me to write too because I could feel Amber’s pain. Thank you for supporting 🙏

  6. Yes! You have beautifully covered a whole world of negative emotions and an endless abuse cycle and a misunderstood trend of our society, in few words.
    “Contagious” is completely emphasizing the change needed.
    Appreciable and applaudable piece of writing.

  7. well written⚡⚡⚡your write up is a true depiction of one of the most dominant and thought provoking issue of society…….

    stay blessed.

    1. Yusra thank you for your appreciation. I am glad you found it hopeful 😊 because that was my aim behind writing it. I believe that if we can’t do anything for those who are tolerating similar situations, then we can at least give them hope to keep going. I strongly believe that words heal wounds.

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