Therapeutic Character- Only a Mother

Therapeutic Character- Only a Mother

There are several views on the relationships between a mother and a child, but I feel that the best word which describes the mother’s love and affection is a Therapeutic person who always heals the wounds of the inner and outer pains of a child.

She always tries to encourage his child and finally made him a winner who has to achieve his goals of life or the afterlife. It does not matter that her child is at the age of 6 or 66, the mother is always the best listener and motivator.

The only mother overcomes all the fears of his child who always in the rush of falling down on the different stages of life. Some pains arise in every human in some ways, some symptoms are often requiring treatment before its specific cause is known. We get an emotional and a physical experience and is difficult to compare from one person to another. But isn’t it strange that a mother got it in her all kids, and she takes all of them differently as per need?

In a broad sense, therapeutic character as a mother means serving and caring for the child in a comprehensive manner, preventing him from worldly challenges as well as managing specific problems, these causes can be increased by anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness, and frustration or anger, and counseling or psychotherapy to relieve emotional distress.

Multiple organizations worldwide have established recommendations and guidelines for career counseling, achievers and to become the best teacher, businessman, lifesaver, etc.

But no one can help you to become a good human who can help humanity but a mother can do all this within the age of 5, she made her child how to be Good with humans.

The relationship between mother and child is an important tool in the process of helping a child to change.

By Sana Khalid 

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  1. Its a very good and real facts of life because without mother, home is like a loneliness graveyard. All the happiness in this world and next world depends on the mother service.

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