Things To Do Every Night Before Bed

Things To Do Every Night Before Bed

Good sleep is very important for your health. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep or rest makes your body and mind fresh. Your body needs proper rest which gives you the energy to do work and doing things in daily routine life. Here we are bringing you few things to do every night before you go to bed. So, let us have a look!

Before going to bed you all know you have to brush your teeth and wash your face and hands. But according to experts, there is some more to do before going to bed rather than brushing teeth and washing face.

But the question is what to do before bed? If you want a good sleep you have to practice some good habits and you have to avoid things that disturb your sleep. There are some habits to set yourself up for relaxing and good sleep.

Things To Do Every Night Before Bed

1- Have Meal On Time

You should not eat heavy food before going to bed. It will not digest if you will sleep after your meal. So make a proper time for your meal. You can have your meal at least four hours before your sleep so that you have enough time to digest your food. Don’t take caffeine or other beverages they will disturb your sleep. Eating and drinking before bedtime increase extra calories and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetics. Take food which has high protein in it. This will help your muscles in rebuilding and repairing.

2- Next-Day Plan

Make a proper plan of things to do in next day make a proper list in which u have your plan what to do in your next day it will help you in your time management and most important you will not forget things which you have to do in your next day in this way you will get ready for the next day to come. Some people iron their clothes and set alarms to make their papers ready for their next day.

3- Meditation

The most important thing is meditation which most people do not practice more. You have to adopt this habit because meditation is good for your both mental and physical health. Meditation helps you to down your stress levels and boost your sleep. You feel relax and your stress level lowers down after meditation.

4- Have a Good Massage

A gentle massage of at least 3 minutes for the back is good it will increase your 35 minutes of extra sleep. Do a foot massage to feel relax you will have comfortable sleep.

5- Reading Book

As you all know reading is a good habit too Did you know just 6 minutes of reading reduces stress by 68% keep 3 or 4 books next to you on your dresser drawer so it will be easy to approach. Start with 5 minutes and after you have an interest in book reading I am sure you will read more and you will get better sleep too.

6- Turn off Your Gadgets

The use of gadgets nowadays is one of the main sources of our illness. Electromagnetic rays omit from our gadgets which are harmful to our health. So first we have to switch off all our gadgets that are mobile phones, televisions, and computers an hour or half-hour before bed. The blue light emitted by your mobile phone and other gadgets can keep you up.  Make a dark and calm ambiance to sleep.

However, these are the few things to do every night before you go to bed. So, just start accepting these things that will work wonders in your life.

By Rafia Mangi 

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