Top 10 easy dessert recipes for the family

Top 10 easy desert recipes for the family

In this pandemic, when everyone is locked in their homes and cannot go out if you crave for something as all the restaurants are closed. How do you manage to satisfy your cravings and have a perfect dessert that your family would love? Isn’t it frustrating? There is nothing to worry about as here are the top 10 easy and quick recipes to satisfy your craving for sweet because it is important to add some sweet to our lives! Let’s try some of the lockdown friendly deserts with the available ingredients at your home.

Top 10 easy dessert recipes for the family

1- Fruit Custard Trifle

Want your family to serve a healthy dessert? Then how can you ignore fruit custard trifle? For this, you would need the following ingredients, you can add or subtract any of them according to the taste of your family. So, try this quickest recipe that we have compiled in the list of top 10 desserts.


-Milk 1 litre
-Sugar ½ cup or to taste
-Custard powder (any flavor) 6 tbs
-Milk ½ cup
-Jelly 1 pack
-Apple cut into cubes ½ cup
-Mango cut into cubes ½ cup
-Grapes ½ cup
-Banana cut into cubes ½ cup
-Peach cut into cubes ½ cup
-Caster sugar 2 tbs or to taste
-Plain cake


Well, starting the very first step. In a wok, boil milk adds sugar in it. On the other hand, dissolve custard powder in some milk in a separate bowl then add it gradually to the wok. Stir continuously to avoid any curd. Turn off the flame when it starts to thicken and wait until it cools down.

Prepare jelly, cut jelly into cubes, and set aside. Prepare a mixture of all fruits and add sugar in it. Now it is time for the final step that is assembling!

In a dish, put a layer of plain cake, add jelly then add custard evenly. Then add fruit mixture again add even layer of custard and garnish with remaining jelly and a cherry on top.

2- Cold Coffee Cake

Another top-rated recipe with the least possible ingredients is here. For this, you will only need a few basic ingredients that are available in almost every home. This one is the best among the top 10 easy recipes to try.


-Milk 500 ml
-Coffee 1 tbs
-Sugar 3 tbs or to taste
-Cream 400 ml
-Caster sugar 2-3 tbsp or to taste
-Cocoa powder 1 & ½ tbs
-Rusk 1 pack


Take a saucepan, add milk, sugar, and coffee. Whisk them well wait until it starts to boil, turn off the flame and set aside. Now, take a bowl add cream, cocoa powder, and caster sugar; whisk them well and set aside. In a serving dish, start to assemble by dipping rusk into the cream mixture and create an even layer.

Add the remaining cream mixture on to the layer of rusk and settle evenly. Repeat the process until you fill the dish completely.

In the end, garnish with coffee powder and decorate it with cream. Freeze for 3 to 4 hours before serving.

3- Gulab Jamun

Searching for a desert that every family member would love? How can you ignore Gulab jamun then! Here comes the easiest recipe to make perfect Gulab jamun. Check out the ingredients, follow the steps below, and enjoy!


-Sugar syrup (Sheera)
-Sugar 2 cup
-Dry milk powder 1 cup
-All-purpose flour ½ cup
-Baking powder 1 tsp
-Cardamom ½ tsp and 7-8
-Ghee or oil 3 tbs
-Milk ¼ cup


Prepare sugar syrup by adding 2 cups of water in a saucepan, add 2 cup sugar, and 7-8 slightly crushed cardamom. Cook until sugar is dissolved completely.

In a bowl, add milk powder, baking powder, all-purpose flour, and cardamom and mix well. Prepare a knead dough. Put some oil on your hands and make balls of your desired size, just make sure the balls are smooth with no cracks. Fry them in ghee or oil on the medium-low flame so that they cook from inside too. When Gulab jamun gets golden, add them to the prepared sugar syrup, and leave for 30 mins. Garnish with crushed pistachio or crushed coconut if you like. Now it is ready to serve.

4- Shahi Tukray (Caramel)

Have you ever tried Shahi Tukray? I know you must have tried this but that would not be in caramel flavor. Here is the recipe for that, its process is quite lengthy, but I am sure you would love this!


For Caramel Sauce:
-Sugar 1 cup
-Water 1/3 cup
-Cream ¾ cup
-Butter 3 tbs
-Vanilla essence ½ tsp
-Salt 1 pinch
-Milk (if required)
For milk
-Milk 1 and ½ cup
-Condensed milk ½ cup
-Cream 1 cup
-Cardamom powder ½ tsp
-Bread 6-8 slices


At first, prepare caramel sauce by adding water and sugar in a saucepan and bring it to boil, keep stirring so that sugar melts completely. Let the mixture simmer by lowering the flame and wait until its color changes to caramel golden. Add cream, butter, salt, and vanilla essence and mix well. Caramel sauce is ready. Here is a lifesaving tip if the sauce gets thick add milk accordingly. Refrigerate the sauce and let it cool.

Now, in a separate saucepan add milk, condensed milk, cardamom powder, and mix well. Turn off the flame add cream mix well and let it cool too.

Then the last step is to prepare bread. You may cut slices in whatever shape you like and fry them until it turns into golden color. Now start to assemble in a serving dish. Apply some milk on the base of the dish using a brush, place bread slices, and again pour some milk on it. Repeat the process if needed as this depends upon the type of dish you are using, add caramel sauce on the top and garnish it with your favorite dry fruits. Taa-Daa! It’s ready to serve.

5- Pineapple Cream Dessert

 Are you craving for something chilled and creamy? Let’s give this recipe a shot for this you will only need to buy pineapple from the nearest mart! Here we go!


-Chilled cream 200ml
-Cream cheese 1 and ½ cups
-Caster sugar ½ cup or to taste
-Pineapple cut into small cubes 1 and ½ cup
-Biscuits 200 g
-Caster sugar 2-3 tbs
-Butter ¾ cup
-Pineapple slices
-Crushed coconut


Take a bowl, add cream, and beat it until it appears like foam. Take another bowl add sugar and cream cheese (it is not necessary you can skip adding cream cheese) and beat well until sugar gets dissolved completely. Add whipping cream if you want to increase the quantity of desert. Chop biscuits into a chopper and add butter during chopping.

Now start to assemble, take a serving bowl or glass add a layer of biscuits, and press firmly to create an even layer. Add a cream layer and pineapple on it then again add cream layer and at the end add pineapple slices. On the top add crushed coconuts and a cherry on top. Refrigerate it for 4 hours and serve chilled.

6- Mango Moose 

Looking for dessert recipes in summer? How can we forget the king of fruits mango! As its mango season and almost it’s available in every home, why not add some more taste to this favorite fruit of your family. This is another easiest recipe among the top 10 desserts.


-Mango cut into cubes 4-5
-Sugar 2-3 tbs or to taste
-Whipping cream or fresh cream chilled 1 cup
-Sugar 3-4 tbs
-Water 2 tbs
-Mango cut into cubes


At first, prepare mango puree by just blending mango cubes. Cook this puree almost 5 to 6 minutes to reduce moisture, add sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved completely. Let it cool at room temperature. In a bowl, add cream and beat it well until it becomes fluffy. Add mango puree in cream and beat well. Reserve some of the puree for a later step. In a pan, add remaining mango puree, sugar, and water mix well and cook until sugar dissolves and let it cool. Take a serving bowl or glass, add mango cube, and create a base layer, add a thick layer of cream and puree mixture then at the end add a layer of remaining puree which is cooked at the last step. Put a cherry on top and refrigerate for 3 hours and serve chilled.

7- Mango Cream Custard

 Here is another yummiest combination using mango as a prime ingredient. Hope you will enjoy this easiest recipe among the top 10 compilation.


-Milk 1 litre
-Sugar ¾ cup or taste
-Milk ½ cup
-Custard powder 5 tbs
-Ice cubes
-Chilled cream 200 ml
-Water 1 cup
-Jelly 1 pack
-Mango cut into cubes ½ kg
-Sugar 1 tbs
-Chopped dry fruits
-Plain cake


Prepare mango puree by simply blending mango and add sugar if needed. In a saucepan, add milk and sugar and bring it to boil. In a cup add custard powder in milk and mix well, add this mixture in boiled milk and stir continuously and turn off the flame when it starts to thicken. Let the custard cool. Take a bowl, add ice cubes, and cream and mix well until it becomes fluffy. Prepare jelly as per directions written on the pack. Refrigerate jelly. Cut jelly into your desired shapes. Take a serving glass or bowl, add mango puree at the base then add jelly and dry fruits then add a layer of whipped cream. Create a layer of plain cake (cut into shapes according to your serving dish), add a thick layer of custard and garnish with jelly cubes, whipped cream, and dry fruits.

8-  Ingredients Cupcake

 As per title, yes for this you will only need 3 ingredients! The secret behind this is biscuits contains all the necessary ingredients that are required to bake cakes. This is the easiest recipe among the top 10 desserts.


-Biscuits 28 pieces
-Milk ½ cup
-Baking powder 1 tsp


So, let’s get started. First, blend all the biscuits into a blender and make fine powder form. Here you can add different types of biscuits, if you are using cream biscuits, you will have to remove cream from them before blending as you want perfect powdery form. Now add milk and baking powder. Blend! Blend! Blend! until it becomes a thick batter. Now, put this batter into cupcakes mold and bake at 170℃ for good 35 to 40 minutes.

9- Creamy Cold Coffee

We found this recipe among the top 10 easiest and quick recipes that you can try. For this recipe, you need the following ingredients:


-Coffee 1 tbsp
-Water1 tbsp
-Milk 1 cup
-Cream ½ cup
-Chocolate syrup ¼ cup
-Sugar 2 tbsp
-Ice cubes 4
-Vanilla ice cream 3 scoop


Take a mug or bowl, add coffee and water then mix well. Now in a blender, add chilled milk, sugar, coffee mixture, cream, ice cubes, and chocolate syrup. Blend well. In the end, add vanilla ice cream and blend again until all the ingredients are properly mixed. Take a serving glass, tilt the glass, and embellish it by adding chocolate syrup randomly.

Now add the solution into a glass, add some cream on the top and sprinkle coffee powder to give some tempting look.

10- Milk Cake

Another best-loved dessert among the top 10 recipes. To prepare this yummiest soft cake you just need to follow few simple steps.


-Egg 2
-Sugar ½ cup
-Oil ¼ cup
-All-purpose flour 2/3 cup
-Baking powder 1 tsp
-Milk 1 cup
-Caster sugar ½ cup
-Cream 1/3 cup
-Whipping cream ½ cup
-Sugar 1 tbsp


Take a bowl add eggs and beat well. Add sugar and beat again until the sugar gets dissolved completely. Make sure the consistency is thick. Now add oil, all-purpose flour and baking powder again mix everything very well.

Heat the oven at 170℃ for good 10 to 15 minutes. Greece the pan with oil add butter paper on the base put the cake batter and bake for 30

minutes. Meanwhile, take a bowl to add chilled milk, caster sugar, and cream mix everything very well and put the bowl into the refrigerator. Beat the whipping cream and add sugar according to your taste.

 Take the cake out of the oven, give the cake your desired shape (according to the serving dish) and spill the cold milk mixture on the cake. Add even layer of whipping cream and garnish it with whatever you like. You can use biscuits, chocolate, and cocoa powder for garnishing. Light, fluffy, and overspread with the cloud of whipping cream-3 milk cake is ready! Serve chilled for better taste. Enjoy!

By Maria Owais 

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