Turkish historic drama series-Ertugrul Ghazi takes Pakistan by storm

Turkish historic drama series-Ertugrul Ghazi takes Pakistan by storm

Are you the one who addicted to the most-watched Turkish historic drama series- “Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi” and just can’t stop watching? The whole country is crazy after watching this. Being awake the whole night watching dozens of episodes especially during this quarantine time when the people have nothing else to do. Ertugrul Ghazi is assisting us to avail of our time during this pandemic period. This series has made a world record too, having the highest ratings. It is also translated into 39 languages. Isn’t it a great achievement especially something in Islamic prospects? Drilis Ertugrul is actually based on a real story of Turks almost 800 years ago with no industrial revolution. The story tells us about the struggles of early Muslims. How they dealt with such immoralities and enemies who destroyed their lives, killed their loved ones, and burnt their houses. But they remained patient and waited for the spring to arrive. Also, their spirit for Jihad was seen which was also present during the times of the prophet (P.B.U.H) encouraging today’s youth to stand up, fight, strive and present their lives in the way of Allah. The typical reason behind its captivation is the way the story is constructed making it attractive. The stereotype is well defined and includes every type of story magnetizing the viewers. Apart from this, the setting and the tools used in it are encouraging everyone to watch. They’ve typically arranged the costumes and set up just like an ancient era using swords and archeries. The horses are used for traveling and camels for carrying loads. The women wear traditional long frocks with heavy jewelry. Well, the embellished costumes add glam to the characters, and undoubtedly, they played their roles effectively. 

Now let’s discuss, is it really worth watching? 

In my opinion, it is worth watching, but not for those who are already not so addicted to drama series and movies. Because in Islam, watching television is declared Haram. But those who already watch movies and dramas without any morals, this is the best opportunity for them to learn something and gain some respect for our religion. Ertugrul Ghazi is encouraging Muslims to face the enemies without any fear and receive the honor of martyrdom.

Nowadays, teens and youngsters love to watch this Turkish historic drama series. Even housewives, moms are also indulged in watching this series. While children are busy in fighting with swords and combating against either Mongols or crusades in their dreams and games. Toy stores are also filled with artificial swords and archery sets. Markets are selling costumes of Ertugrul Ghazi and most importantly women are madly searching for the Turkish jewelry worn in the series.

Many Pakistani celebrities are against this as they think that it’s destroying their drama industry as their local content is not getting enough support as they used to get, while some people catch Ertugrul fever. 

However, Ertugrul Ghazi is worth watching but getting addicted to it is something risky.  I can’t get off this drama either.

Happy Ertugrul Fever!

By Eifa Zahra 

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