What governs your life, governs your happiness!

What governs your life, governs

Yes! It is what we give most of our time to, it begins to control our happiness too. The little big things dictating your routine either it is your household chores, your pile loads of office work, stress, and what not eventually start taking a toll on your soul.

We have entered an era, which is continuously giving us an unrealistic image of what happy life is about? We are drowning ourselves in an ocean of desperation for achieving something that is already there in our reach. We need to absorb this, here will always be missed opportunities, broken relationships, shattered dreams, and illnesses in our lifetime, Life is not perfect, and it is not meant to be perfect.

Ask yourself this- When was the last time you smelled a flower? When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset view with your own eyes instead of your camera lens? When was the last time, you had a proper meal with your family without your office work sneaking in on your dinner table through your phone?

Understand the following and let this sink in:

1- There will be failures, so what? Failure does not mean that we did not learn something from the experience. If we can do it once, we can do it better the next time.

2- No number of tangible things can bring you peace. Peace is hidden inside “in-tangible things”. A smile of someone we love, a mother’s hug, a Father’s nod of appreciation, a Husband’s tired smile, and a child’s little giggle.

3- Let go of unrealistic expectations, our life is not a Hollywood movie.

4- Give more time to people who matter, hobbies that you miss, evening walks, and most importantly self-care.

5- Invest your time in healing from traumas, anger, and self-criticism. We need to care for ourselves first before we can care for someone else.

6- Fix your priorities today; People matter, things do not matter. Do not cry over a broken plate at the expense of a broken person.

7- Cultivate kindness! It grows on others too.

“A word of Kindness can warn three winter months” (Japanese Proverb).

Break the vicious cycle of running behind things that are not going last. Stop here, Breathe, Live your life at this moment. Read good books, schedule meetups with your school friends- even on Zoom (I did), take some time off from obsessive office work, leave love notes for your spouse, and most of all spend your time with the people you love, they will wither before you know it.

We can find happiness; we just need to put our hearts in the right place.

By Faiza Akhter 

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