Why Everyone Should Count Blessings in Life





Why Everyone Should CountIt is always nice to count blessings, and gratitude improves the quality of life. That is to say, being thankful has many benefits. And in the toughest and troublesome time, individuals have many reasons to practice gratitude. However, it is difficult to count blessings sometimes. Therefore, people should feel thankful for the small and big things that bring colors in life every day. In other words, gratitude is important and beneficial. Therefore, here are the 10 wonderful reasons why everyone should count blessings in life.

Why Everyone Should Count Blessings in Life

1- Improve Mental Health And Become Happier

Studies show that the practice of counting blessings boosts happiness. Therefore, people should keep a weekly or daily journal in which they count their reasons to feel thankful. That is to say, certain researchers asked some individuals to count their blessings, but they asked others to count annoyances and hassles. And that research found that those people who counted their blessings were around 25% happier.

2- Count Blessings To Counter Stress

Individuals get stressed when they put all of their attention on problems, hassles, and frustration. In other words, counting blessings takes their minds away from these things. Therefore, being thankful relieves the stress that the miseries of life bring along. Moreover, the practice of gratitude improves a person’s ability to switch his focus at the moment. After that, it helps everyone to notice more of the good things in life, and they would normally ignore those blessings.

3- Get Inspired To Exercise More

People feel better when they count their blessings, and the habit of being thankful inspires many individuals to do things that are good for them. That is to say, gratitude inspires them to exercise more than those who keep records of hassles.

4- Helps To Achieve Goals

According to research, people who count their blessings are more likely to make progress towards important personal goals. Moreover, they are more creative and get more motivated, when they feel good about themselves. And individuals are more likely to find solutions to their problems.

5- Being Thankful Makes People Kinder

According to a study, individuals who are grateful for blessings in their lives are more likely to help someone in need as compared to those who count their problems.

6- Feel More Connected And Less Lonely

When someone becomes kind, then their connections and relationships with others improve. In other words, they feel more connected and a part of life. And their sense of belonging in the world increases. Moreover, feeling more connected and less lonely is among the 10 wonderful reasons why everyone should count blessings in life.

7- Count Blessings To Sleep Better

Robert Emmons, the world-famous gratitude researcher wrote an inspiring book “Thanks: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.” That is to say, in this motivating book, he encourages readers not to count sheep but blessings. And counting blessings helps people to get to sleep. Moreover, moving the mind away from stresses and worries, or towards good things helps individuals to relax. And being thankful for blessings makes dropping off to sleep much more likely for everyone.

8- Feel More Optimistic And In Control of Life

Gratitude has positive effects on emotions and life. Therefore, people feel more in control of life, more optimistic, and events do not bounce them around. In other words, with renewed strength and optimism, the habit of counting blessings even helps to turn lives around.

9- Everyone Likes You Better

When individuals are grateful for blessings, then they think about reasons and people to whom they are thankful. Therefore, their relationships with others improve. Moreover, being thankful for blessings brings out the best in them. And gratitude makes them warmer towards others, and people like such individuals.

10- Improve Your Physical Health

The activity to count blessings is good for overall cardiovascular health and physical health. Also, according to research, the habit of being thankful gives better immune systems, lower blood pressure, and people exercise more.

Therefore, it does not hurt to take stock of blessings now and then. And individuals think that being thankful is a piece of cake. However, practicing gratitude is not a time-consuming and arduous process. Moreover, counting blessings like personal strengths and talents gives a renewed sense of appreciation for things that occur in daily life. Hence, people should keep journals in bags, or beside beds to show gratitude constantly. That is to say, individuals can become thankful by harboring well for others, and using external senses to do good for everyone. So, these are the 10 wonderful reasons why everyone should count blessings in life. And people can consider these reasons and practice gratitude to gain these benefits.

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

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