Why Watching Cartoons Is Beneficial For Adults

Watching Cartoons Is Beneficial For AdultsWhen we think of cartoons, a variety of humorously exaggerated images flash through our minds. Cartoons, whether depicted as short films or as a regular television program, are usually aimed at children. They feature superheroes, imaginary animals, child protagonists, and the likes as the main theme. They are a great source of entertainment for not only kids but adults too. I am an adult who likes watching cartoons very much. If you are like me then this article is a celebration of cartoons watching adults. If not then it will help you understand why watching cartoons is beneficial for adults too.

Ever heard the term kidult? It is coined by combining kids and adults together. Kidult is used to describe an adult who enjoys consuming habits of kids or teenagers. Earlier, it was considered inappropriate but now it is viewed as something fun. A large number of adults are engaging in kidult pastimes. Watching cartoons is the activity that makes the top of the list.

Cartoons are a medium that adults use to relax, laugh and escape from the stress of adult life. There are numerous other reasons why watching cartoons is good for adults.

1- Give A Break

When you are an adult, life is no longer a bed of roses. Each day comes with its own problems. We cannot hide or run away from them, but taking a short break to disconnect from reality helps us focus better. Watching cartoons is the easiest way to deal with mental stress. They provide us relief from the stress and anxiety of our daily lives.

2-  Provide Useful Information

Since cartoons are mainly aimed at kids, they supply the viewers with a lot of helpful stuff. The information provided through cartoons is simple and easy to understand. It is psychologically approved and can be implemented in real-life situations.

3- Impart Valuable Lessons

Cartoons are as precious as King Solomon’s mines when it comes to teaching lessons. They are full of valuable lessons for adults like handling love life, making friends, building confidence, helping others, eating and living healthy. Some cartoons go as far as guiding adults on bringing up their children. Watching cartoons is certainly beneficial for adults from all walks of life.

4-  Inclusive

With their light-hearted humor, cartoons have a tendency of being inclusive. An adult can watch the same cartoon as a kid without being bored. Shows like Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons have served as a source of entertainment for people of every age. You can watch an old episode and still enjoy it.

5- Develop Positive Attitudes

They teach us optimism. Cartoons such as SpongeBob and Ed, Edd and Eddy teach us to never to give up. In many situations of life, we are faced with setbacks and disappointments. The best way to achieve your goals is by facing failure with confidence.

6-  Develop Good Traits

Such great is the charm of cartoons that they not only influence the mind of children but also inspire adults. They stimulate our thoughts and in the process, teach us what is right and wrong. They help us nurture good qualities in ourselves.

7-  More Enjoyable 

Admit it, cartoons are more enjoyable than any of the reality TV shows. Seeing a cartoon hit a wall will make us laugh, but if we see something similar on reality TV, we will surely wince.

8-  Help To Cope With Mental Health Problems

They are a great coping tool in the fight against mental health issues. Featuring bright, beautiful colors and lovable animated characters, cartoons present the positive side of the world. They spread hope and solace in a very light, interesting and creative way.

9-  Recalls Childhood Memories

You can take a walk down the memory lane by watching cartoons. They create nostalgia and take you to the carefree days of childhood. Now that you’re an adult, you can even understand the sarcasm or clues which you ever understood as a kid.

10-  Effortless

Adulthood is consuming us so much that we barely have time to relax. Watching TV programs becomes an effort because reality TV shows are a continuous series. You have to watch in a proper sequence to understand the story. Cartoons certainly have an upper hand when it comes to this. With their short length and no specific sequence, they are an effortless and refreshing pastime.

Watching cartoons is certainly beneficial for adults from all walks of life. Being a cartoon watching adult is not something to be ashamed of. I find it a very relaxing activity. And I am not the only kidult here. There are a million other kidults who not only watch cartoons but also engage in other younger activities. The main objective is to be happy and live your life on your own terms.

By Javeria Faizan 

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