Winter’s Most Awaited Food Items That Keeps You Warm

Winter's Most Awaited Food Items That Keeps You Warm

Winters are here, the cold breeze and the foggy atmosphere enhances our food cravings more to fulfill our food needs and desires. Food being a necessary part and people who are fond of eating choose the menu as per the desired weather and the need, Since, I am a very fond person of food and beverages I choose menu as per the weather. Among all of the items, winter’s most awaited items are coffee, soup, and fish, prawns, PAYE.  Since I am fond of coffee and it enhances your taste buds in winters as well and it lowers your cold temperature too, the best coffee so far if it home-based is Nescafe, it offers a wide range of flavors to its users which I personally think is a good thing as they keep their customer’s values on top. I personally would recommend Nescafe three in one and Nescafe Gold Vanilla latte and if the milk used is Every Day, it will simply bloom and blow your mind and will feel you warmer and better. If you are planning to go out for coffee then no one can beat the taste of Espresso do try their Cappuccino. It is so ravishing that if you want to feel warmer and relaxing you will feel great and good. Gloria Jeans would be on second with their Latte one, the beans used to relax your mind and make you feel more energetic and great. I would recommend Dunkin Donuts as an option if you are out of these all as their donuts can’t beat anyone but the coffee is just ok and average.

Another winter’s most awaited items are soups and fish, both can be made at home as well but sometimes we need a change in our daily routine as this pandemic has made our lives and our hearts full of wounds and sadness, Soups are fond everywhere but there are few spots which need to be highlighted and we need to check them to taste winters most awaited items as well. Would recommend trying soup from Foods inn, Lachine, Bam Bou, Saqib soup corner, all these are personally tried by me and are simply the best. The ingredients are all fresh and up to the mark, they make you feel great and good and warmer.

Fish is another of winters most awaited item although we do eat fish throughout the year, it is more frequently used in winters to enhance and make us warmer and healthier, Hasan Square and Hussainabad are the two most famous and nearby spots for many of us to try and to dine inn.  The ones I have tried and will recommend you all is Akram fish at University road just after crossing Hasan Square as they offer grilled fish, I personally think unless the ingredients are not completely marinated and enriched in fish it would never give you a great taste. The scalps and all things should be properly removed which are to be removed before mixing and marinating the ingredients in it. So the spices and the ingredients everything used is simply perfect and good. Kids and adults who are not much into spices will love it as they don’t add and make it much Spicer plus the oil being used is hygienic and will never cause any sort of vomiting or any stomach ache, Next would recommend Ghaffar Kabab House offers a great and wide range too. There are many other options like Ginsoy and Bam Bou too as their menu and the quality and quantity of Fish is great and good too.

Winters and winter’s most awaited items are so great and good as they can be found up everywhere, as they are in the market for a short span of time although these awaited items can be eaten up almost for all the year. The taste enhancement and the day taste greatness of winter’s most awaited items can be only filled up in winters only.

By Sabahat Mohsin

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