About Us

Welcome to The Zippy Writers

At Zippy Writers, we help women start and grow a sustainable freelance career. We are a community of women who help each other succeed, sharing ideas, tips, and resources for finding freelance projects, building portfolio, and more.

Who Are We

Zippy Writers is an online learning platform to help and empower women, freelance writers, and entrepreneurs, offering skill development programs on the most demanding freelance skills.

Our Mission

To educate and empower women freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them create sustainable careers.

What We Do

Our Story

At Zippy Writers, our goal is to educate and empower women around the world by teaching them various freelance skills so they can become self-empowered. We started as a small platform for emerging writers in 2019, but have since grown into an online learning platform where women can learn and empower themselves by creating online work opportunities. 

Throughout the journey, we have tried to create a flexible learning environment, filled with fairness, collaboration, inspiration, equity, empathy, and compassion. We support hidden talent through blogs so that aspiring content writers can build their demanding e-portfolio.  Moreover, it’s a place where we organize on-site training sessions for women entrepreneurs so that they can learn and grow together. 

Do you have a project that needs to be written, but you are short on time? We are here to help you!